Jeans can make for a perfectly comfortable piece of clothing if you choose the right one. A pair of jeans that fit well will look stylish, go with almost all clothing items, and can also be one of your best purchases. While choosing the right jeans may seem extremely easy, you will be surprised to know that most people buy the wrong fit.

Choosing the wrong fit happens mainly because customers don’t know what to look for in a pair of jeans. If you know how to get the correct fit of high-quality jeans, they will become your most prized possession. Keep reading to know some of the best tips to fish out your perfect wholesale jeans.

Pro Tips For Buying A Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Yourself

Look For the Right Fit

Most people end up with jeans that are too tight or too loose to wear properly. If the jeans are not the right fit, they can be very uncomfortable. Here are some tips to ensure the best fit for you.

If you can’t decide on the rise of the jeans, go for mid-rise denim. They will prevent the issue of muffin tops while not being too low for your comfort. For the legs part, make sure you are struggling to fit your legs into the jeans. The perfect fit jeans should be snug from the legs portion for maximum ease.

To check the perfect fit of the waist, you should be able to put two fingers into the waistband and down your back. If you can fit the whole hand, the jeans are too loose. The jeans are too tight if you can fit zero or one finger only.

The Limit for Stretch Factor in Jeans

Stretch jeans have spandex or lycra fabric incorporated to allow the material to be pulled to a certain limit. If you are buying stretch jeans, ensure the stretch percentage does not exceed 2 percent. The 1-2 percent stretch will give you enough room to wear the jeans comfortably and provide the perfect snug fit.

If you go over 2%, the jeans could end up in a baggy and loose shape with time.

Get The Heavier Denim

While summer jeans come in light denim, the best denim is heavier. It looks and feels better to wear. One way to buy high-quality denim is by going for the heavy material. The stiffness will wear down after a while, but the heavy denim will be durable.

Don’t Fall for The High Price Trap

While branded denim is sure to feel different, buying wholesale jeans can have the same effect, too, if you choose well. You don’t have to splurge half your salary on buying a good pair of jeans. Mid-level denim can also be amazing.

One tip is to go to some high-end brands and try on their jeans. Get a feel of how the branded jeans fit and look. This is the fit, comfort, and style you should look for in a pair of jeans when searching for more affordable options. You will be able to find feasible options of denim that are similar to branded versions very easily.


If you succeed in finding the right pair, your jeans will pay off their price in a short time. Don’t fall for the traps of high prices and fake denim. Feel the material and try it out. If it feels luxurious and high-quality, it usually is. To take a shortcut, follow the pro tips above to get the best jeans in your wardrobe.


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