History repeats itself, and vaping trends are no stranger to that. Whether it comes to smartphones and televisions, they have just become more compact, and the same goes with vaping devices. Long before, variable mods and mechanical or semi-mechanical box mods took the reigns in the vaping community as the major trends in vaping. In this article, the evolution of vaping trends will be unraveled. Make sure to buckle up those seats, as this will be a great ride down memory lane.

The Nostalgia of the Competitive Era of Vaping

Before there were disposable vapes and pod systems, vaping was seen by most people as a competitive form of alternative smoking. It is more likely to be seen by both smokers and non-smokers alike as an expensive avocation than an effective smoking cessation, as people see it today. Vapers are more indulgent in getting their hands on the most expensive and more powerful vaping devices and then customizing them depending on their needs. Countless aftermarket customizations were also available at those times to cater to these, making way for unnecessary splurges for vaping greatness. The reason for this is the past trends in vaping and other vaping tournaments that have a very serious prize pool to be won. These vaping tournaments existed in the competitive era of vaping. From vaping devices that can produce massive chunks of clouds or vapors all the way up to the best-looking custom vape mods, vapers at the time were very serious about winning these competitions, as there was a big prize waiting for them if they’d won. But the most notable of all the types of mods at the time were the box mods and vaping brands of today, which still pursue reliving the once-known king of the vaping game of the past.

Box Mod’s Epic Comeback

Thanks to all of the innovations made by the vaping brands, the competitive vaping era has ended, and vaping is now seen by many more as an effective smoking cessation tool than an expensive hobby. Vapers are now more into vaping devices that can provide convenience than competitive greatness in vaping. That is why disposable vapes and pod systems are now the best choice for both beginners and veterans in vaping. Cheaper, more compact, easy to use, maintenance-free, and most of all, discreet. But these modern vaping devices were inspired by staple vaping devices like vape pens and, most notably, box mods. Although vape pens are by far the easiest to modernize and be fitted for modern vaping, there’s still a lot of room to achieve the best modern adaptation of box mods. But not until a vaping brand called UWELL released a beast. Meet their latest creation, the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L Pod System. On the launch date of this particular vaping device, people went mad instantly just to get their hands on one of these. With that being said, yours truly managed to get his hands on one of these personally. At first glance, this is how a modern revision of the box mod should look: edgy, superior-looking, and aesthetically pleasing. The most mind-blowing feature of this pod system is the airflow. The airflow managed to bring back the powerful feel of previous box mods, but in a more compact design. Nothing on the current modern vaping market can come close to the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L when it comes to producing massive chunks of vapor. It is no wonder why people have been waiting for the launch of this beast for a very, very long time, and the promise was delivered on renewing the once-legendary vaping device.

Final Thoughts

Right at this very moment, countless positive reviews coming from major vaping articles, vape content creators on YouTube, and even normal vapers started appearing here and there after the launch of the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L. Although this vaping device still has room for improvements to make it perfect, it is still the only modern vaping device that ever comes close to being called a proper box mod. Unlike other pod systems and disposable vapes that call themselves “box-type” vaping mods but bear no resemblance to the performance of an authentic box mod, the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L capitalized on this one. Undoubtedly, the only pod system that can go up to par with a box mod when it comes to vapor production and performance while enjoying the convenience of modern vaping all in one.This is simply enough reason why vapers are very excited about this and why the person reading this piece should also get one while supplies last.


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