Hoodies are one of the most common clothing wares around the world with thousands of people wearing it for many reasons. Hoodies now come in different styles and types like the tie dye hoodie mens wear you can see anywhere. Regardless of their different types, hoodies generally have the same construction and features. The brand may be different and quality may not be the same, but there are some basic parts that are peculiar to almost every hoodie. It is important to know these parts whether you wear them or not. In this guide, we will focus on the different parts and characteristics of a hoodie.

The usually have a sweat fabric

If you have noticed, most hoodies have the same fabric used in constructing a sweat suit. This type of fabric is great as it helps you sweat rather easily. That means the hoodie will be of great use in situations when the weather is a bit cold. Because of the sweat material, the cold can’t get into your body.

They are usually thick

It is rare to see a hoodie that is not thick in any way. The sweat material used is usually thick, and as such, hoodies are naturally thick. The thickness will increase the weight of the hoodie without a doubt, but it will still be a nice outfit. Hoodies vary in thickness based on their base functions. Some hoodies are meant to be used during the icy seasons, and as such, they are usually very thick.

They Usually have a hood at the back

A hoodie without the hood at the back is no longer a hoodie, it is either a sweatshirt, at best. The hood at the back of the hoodie usually falls towards your back when you wear the hoodie. The reason for that is you usually do not need that hood all the time, except when rain is falling or the snows are dropping.

They usually have a ribbon

If your hoodie is original, there should be two ropes on either side of the hood. The function of these two ropes is to control the tightness of the hood on your head. When the rains are a lot and you have to run for shelter, you can easily tighten the hood on your head to protect all parts of your hair, including the face.

The have elastic cuffs

The elasticity of the cuffs on the hands of hoodies are probably the most interesting thing about hoodies. These hoodies usually have elastic cuffs, ensuring that the hoodie does not mess with your hand at every given point. It is always very nice.

They may have a zipper or not

Hoodies may have zips where you have to combine two parts to have it covered. While some may not have it. Either way, there will be pockets on both sides downwards of the hoodie.


It is typical to wear a hoodie without bothering about the parts and other amenities. However, what you do not know is the parts of the hoodie are the reason you like it. As we have mentioned earlier, most hoodies contain the same parts and require a lot of processes to get the different parts. You can check this guide to be sure of each part of the hoodie.


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